Buytopia Technology Private Limited is mainly engaged in game development. Our goal is to develop more Indian Rummy games. Whether it is a novice or an experienced player, we all hope to provide you with a comfortable and pleasant gaming experience.

Rummy Game is a very popular card game, players enjoy authentic rummy thrill on mobile anytime, anywhere.

Game Features:

◆Super intelligent automatic cards management - As long as you click which button, he will automatically classify the cards in your hand and intelligently reduce the invalid scores.

◆Multiplayer Interaction - You can play and communicate with millions of real players throughout India.

Basic Rules:

♥ Multiplayer gaming allows users to play in 2 to 6 players set up wherein 13 cards are dealt to each of them using two standard decks of 52 cards each.

♥ To win the game, you need to arrange the cards in valid sets and sequences.

♥ One or more Jokers can be used in place of any other card.

♥ At least two runs (sequence) are required. Your aim is to from the 13 cards to make a pure sequences, sequence, and one group. Any card type need at least one pure sequence.

Rummy game is not just for fun, it's also a mind game that demands skills! Start your exciting Indian card game adventures right away.